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About Us

Hi, we’re Emma and Andrew and Dimmet has been in Andrew’s family for over 40 years now, and was the base for his family holidays as a child in the 1970s. The memories of those lazy days spent holidaying as a family inspired us to base the 2016 refurbishment of the bungalow around a 1970s experience.

 Working with a great team of local tradesmen, we stripped the bungalow back to bare bones and once it was all shipshape, we then worked with our talented friend Marina (who is a film set decorator & stylist by profession), sourcing genuine 1970s interior pieces and decorative items. So, we hope that we have combined the best of both worlds – all mod cons and funky interiors – if you remember the 70s or are a lover of vintage or just like a luxurious and relaxing holiday, then Dimmet is definitely the holiday home for you.

We live on a small farm in Somerset, although we have relatives round the corner from Dimmet – so there’s always help on hand, if required. We also run a shepherd’s hut glamping business on our farm, called Dimpsey, which we started in 2015 and then caught the holiday experience providers bug. You can check Dimpsey out here www.dimpsey.co.uk – we’re a gold standard Visit England glamping spot and in 2016 won the Somerset Tourism Gold Glamping Award, and then went on to win Silver for the South West – we’ve learnt a lot about providing a great guest experience during that time and used that knowledge to help us dream up what to do at Dimmet.

With Dimmet, we set out to provide a really comfortable holiday home that we hope will entertain you and keep you occupied in bad weather and provide a great base in good weather – we really want to provide a holiday that lights up your life, hence the lighthouse in our logo. The lighthouse is a actually a representation of the one that used to be at nearby Crow Point – now sadly reduced to a few bricks, but it was a really funky shape and suited us down to the ground. Here’s a photo of how it used to look: 

We’re always picking up new pieces for the house and will keep adding things as we find them – so it will evolve and change. If spot something that you think should be at Dimmet, let us know and we’ll take a look. We’ve provided 1970’s recipe books and dressing up clothes, so if you want to go 70s to the max- you can dress up and have a dinner party – be sure to send us a photo for the album!

So now over to you, if you have any questions at all – there’s lots of information on the website under the Stay tab, or please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to.