The 1970s buffet is back! 

There is no surprise that here at Dimmet we are a fan of all things 70s style. From decor to good old fashioned 70s holiday fun, we incorporate every aspect of 70s life in to our holiday home. Yet there is one thing that we all love, and that is scrumptious food! So you can imagine how delighted we were to hear that retro recipes have been making a comeback!

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Photo Credit: 3dman_eu

Quiche, vol-au-vents, chicken wings… Part of a sketch from the famous comedian Peter Kay, pair this list with other 70s recipes such as blancmange and cheese and pineapple sticks, and this line-up of pick and mix buffet food is no longer just a part of a joke. Said to overtake formal dinner parties, it seems that these well-adored pieces are no longer a thing of the past! 

It isn’t just a couple of recipes that are coming back: kitchen gadgets from this era are also returning, with the return of jelly moulds, vol-au-vents as well as platters and boards, including the traditional hedgehog board to recreate the 70s favourite which comprised of a baked potato, wrapped in foil, with cheese and pineapple sticks dotted around the top to resemble a hedgehog. 

1970s delectables, period kitchen tools, throwback recipes – what could be any better? The fun doesn’t have to stop at the kitchen, and at Dimmet, we have everything you need to throw the perfect 70s dinner party, from boxsets to leather sofas. Don’t forget to venture into the wardrobe where you will find a collection of 1970s clothes for you to really get into the mood! 

So suit up, pick your favourite canapés and bring the 70s back – in style! 

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