Dimmet’s top 10 facts about North Devon

One of our favourite things about Dimmet must be its location in Braunton, North Devon. Not only is North Devon home to stunning views and landscapes, but it is also filled with history. So, here are our Top 10 facts about North Devon!

Dimmet BC IMG 3246 1 - Dimmet's top 10 facts about North Devon
Photo Credit: Ben Carpenter Photography
  1. Devon used to be known as Devonshire and in ancient history was under the rule of the Dumnonii Celtic Tribe (Deep Valley Dwellers).
  2. North Devon stretches over 419 miles of land, however despite being 23rd out of 326 districts for area, it is only ranked 255th out of 326 districts for its population, which currently stands at approximately 94,000 people.
  3. Braunton, North Devon is the home of Dimmet, however Braunton is also the home of the Braunton Burrows which are the largest sand dunes in the country.
  4. North Devon also is the home to the only name of a place in the entirety of Europe which contains an exclamation mark! Westward Ho! was named after a novel written by Charles Kingsley.
  5. If partying is your thing, then head to Combe Martin which currently holds the world record for the longest street party. The event marked the Queen’s jubilee back in 2002!
  6. We all know that Exmoor covers part of North Devon, however as well being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it also has the highest coastline in Britain!
  7. In addition to having the highest coastline, Exmoor also has the largest concentration of wild red deer in England.
  8. Built in 1361, St Nicholas’ Chapel is based in Ilfracombe, North Devon and is said to be the oldest working lighthouse in the UK.
  9. Alongside the oldest lighthouse in Britain, North Devon is also home to the oldest borough in England – Barnstaple.
  10. North Devon was the last area in Britain to perform an execution of females thought to be practicing Witchcraft. These women came from Bideford.
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