Dimmet’s guide to the Devon Dialect

As you know, Dimmet is the Devon word for the half-light at the end of the day (dusk) and is the perfect fit for our holiday home, however the Devon dialect spans much further than just Dimmet. So here is our guide to some our favourite words in the Devon dialect.

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Feeling achuucked? Achuucked is the Devon word for thirsty – perfect for your favourite cup of cider!

If you are going the wrong way around, here in North Devon you would say back se fore.

If you visit Devon this Summer, you may spot numerous drumbeldrones flying around. Drumbeldrone is the Devon word for Bumblebee.

Another word you may hear several times around this time of year is lent rosums, which means daffodils.

Are you acting maze as a brush? In Devon, this actually means that you are being silly or fooling around.

Now…tea drinkers – surely this refers to those who drink tea? Not in Devon! It actually refers to a pair of soft best boots!

For those who are wearing their tea drinkers, you may be referred to as swant – also meaning proper.  

We all know that around this country, the word something has its variations, and Devon is no exception – Devon folk often say zummit.

Here at Dimmet, we love learning about the area around us, and this is just a selection of our favourites in the Devon dialect. So, enjoy seeing the lent rosums and the drumbeldrones flying around, always wear your tea drinkers and of course, enjoy the magical dimmet period.

Photo Credit: Dennis Kummer

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