We are thrilled to be featured in The Telegraph, in print on Saturday and online on Wednesday in an article about glamours interior design featuring interiors based on a 70’s theme. The article, written by Emily Brooks, talks about how the clash of patterns, prints and colours are making a comeback throughout the latest interiors and Dimmet was mentioned as a recommendation to see this in action. We are proud of what we have achieved with our 70s styling here at Dimmet and we know our guests love it too! We would like to thank The Telegraph for the wonderful feature which you can read online on Wednesday 25th October here.

The screenshot of the article below has been given to us to share with you all with kind permission from Lauren Davidson at The Telegraph.

dimmet the telegraph october 2017 - Dimmet Devon in The Telegraph: Relive the Seventies as clash makes a comeback by Emily Brooks


Dimmet is a complete 1970s experience and that is not by chance! We made that decision to create it within that decade close to our hearts and memories of good times.

But we didn’t get there all by ourselves – oh no! We had a helping hand and inspiration in the form of specialist designer Marina Morris. She’s one of life’s creative geniuses, and the 70s brief for Dimmet was right up her street.

So, meet Marina, our Dimmet Designer for the 1970s…..

Hi, I’m Marina and I have a degree in Fine Art and History of Art from Goldsmiths College, London University.

For a short while after that I worked for an interior design company and then spent nearly twenty years working in the film industry as a set decorator on films and a stylist on television commercials.

Dimmet evolved from Emma asking me to help her refurbish their house in Braunton as a holiday let. Being the late ’60s/ ’70s property that it is, I suggested that we pay homage to it’s origins and design the interior in a ’60s/’70s style and give it a funky Abigail’s Party look. Emma wanted to create an interactive experience, where people felt it was full on 70s, so we sourced clothes, kitchenware and games to bring Dimmet to life in this colourful decade.

Dimmet0417 BC 9S9A5904 Edit - Dimmet’s Dedicated Decade Designer - Marina Morris

The idea was also to make staying there a little experience of the era, a time capsule where you could cook recipes from 70s cookbooks, serve it on 70s tableware, play 70s music on a record player, dry your hair under a 70s drier and dress up in fabulous retro clothes while watching all those classic 70’ films.

However, while much of the interior dressing is from the period, including the genuine 70s wallpaper; extreme modern comfort has been afforded to all appliances, beautiful mattresses and bed linen, a new bathroom and kitchen and drapes – but all with a feel of the era.

Dimmet0417 BC 9S9A6016 - Dimmet’s Dedicated Decade Designer - Marina Morris

About fourteen years ago I worked on a film (a bio pic of Bobby Darin starring and directed by Kevin Spacey) which spanned the 50s to the 70s. I spent many months researching the period. Back then the look was not as popular as today and, apart from very expensive shops like twentytwentyone, the stuff was hard to find. I remember going to the warehouse of a guy in Kent who had been collecting it for years and buying a beautiful Warren Platner table and chairs set, Eames chairs and gorgeous Danish sideboards that would be a small fortune today.

I used film contacts to source the wall coverings for Dimmet, and much of the dressing was found in online auctions, local auctions and charity shops as well as vintage shops.  

Hopefully the mixture of genuine retro pieces together with the modern comforts and luxuries guests expect today combine to give a rather unique experience.

Dimmet0417 BC 9S9A6135 1 - Dimmet’s Dedicated Decade Designer - Marina Morris

We love it Marina, so thank you for being part of this amazing Dimmet journey.


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